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Iseehear Inc. Internet Presence Portfolio

Corporate: Information Websites

Iseehear.info : Corporate information
Iseehear.com: Services brochure and business operations

Services: Subscription Services, Software as a Service and Cloud Services

SoftMouse.NET: Model Organism Colony and Breeding Management System
ColonyManagement.com: Smart Colony Management begins with workflow integrations and automation.
RodentID.com: Rodent identification made easy
SmartLAB2020.com: SmartLAB2020 develops custom database and software tools for scientists.

Customer Support Desk

SoftMouseFAQ.com: Colony and Breeding Management System Workflows, Frequently Asked Questions and How To's
SoftMouseTraining.com: Discover, Learn, Get Started and Do More with SoftMouse.NET Premium Features.
IseehearHealth.com: Use this Dashboard to stay informed on the health of Iseehear Inc. services.

Toronto - New York - Stockholm - Paris
Head Office: 250 University Avenue Suite 200 M5H 3E5 Toronto, Ontario Canada
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