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The Iseehear Executive Team is led by two co-founding entrepreneurs, who have a thorough understanding of how the information technology industry works and one who has a solid grounding in the life sciences. The Leadership Team is buttressed by a strong group of professional advisors with broad experience and expertise in life sciences, information technology, telecommunications, sales and marketing, privacy governance, security, legal, accounting, insurance.

Executive Team:

Kelly Rodriques
Chief Executive Officer
Kelly Rodriques, co-founder, takes the lead in translating ISH's strategy into reality. A natural entrepreneur, Kelly has excellent operating and project management skills. Ms. Rodriques also has a solid grounding in science and holds a B.Sc. (Hons) in Human Biology and Biological Anthropology from the University of Toronto.

Jimmy Ayres
Executive Chairman
The company has been privately financed to date by Jimmy Ayres, co-founder. Jimmy is a serial entrepreneur who has had previous success founding and building companies prior to Iseehear. Mr. Ayres provides Iseehear with vision and is one of the principals in transforming Iseehear's ideas into the new technologies developed.

Toronto - New York - Stockholm - Paris
Head Office: 250 University Avenue Suite 200 M5H 3E5 Toronto, Ontario Canada
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